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The Banking landscape is getting progressively complex with an increased consumer centric approach and there is a need to streamline every process to meet the ever demanding and changing regulations.

With the Banking industry growing exponentially in the last decade, it has warranted the need for stricter regulations, without any compromise on quality. Keeping up with increased expectations, while devising new and breakthrough products and solutions, will ensure that financial institutions are poised for the various challenges that may arise.

Zenith Software leads industry innovation in conceptualizing products and devising solutions to simplify the entire process. The comprehensive and concise products that we create, offer personalization at affordable costs, without any compromise on quality, bringing together our expertise in technology and finance for the benefit of consumers. Our end to end banking platforms enable banks to offer digital banking experience, faster product roll out, customised product offerings and innovative ways to access banking functionalities on the move.


ZSL Offerings

Zenith Software understands the need for simplified cost-effective banking solutions to tackle complex financial requirements, accelerating growth and in turn greater ROI. Our dedicated banking solution team combines industry best practices and methodologies, to deliver cutting edge solutions in Retail Banking, Investment Banking, Corporate Banking, Islamic Banking, Digital Banking, Compliance and Risk Management.


ZSL rides the growth curve by developing smart information systems and acting on new information and insights in the banking space. Our banking solutions coupled with the latest in technological advancements can give consumers a better experience, increase retention, streamline operations, conceptualize new revenue streams and adhere to regulatory requirements.

  • Core Banking

    Core Banking

    Zenith Software brings IT experience and expertise into core banking, and has developed path breaking solutions to manage end-to-end operations. Its flagship product ‘Banc724’ is a Core Banking Platform conceptualized to address every aspect of banking operations, from retail, to corporate, central and commercial banks, and from microfinance to credit unions. This next gen Universal Banking Platform, provides a one-stop solution for better performance, optimizing Banking Functions, integrating Payment Gateway Solutions, merging Digital and Delivery Channels, utilizing Intelligence Analytics and Risk Management Solutions ensuring that the banking process becomes a smooth and connected process, thereby enhancing customer experience making banking transactions a breeze.
  • Payment Solutions

    Payment Solutions

    With two decades of experience in the field, ZSL has used its expertise and know how to create comprehensive banking solutions that are seamlessly integrated with digital and delivery channels to ensure smooth functioning and facilitate end-user management.
    These payment solutions include:
    • Payment Hub
    • RTGS STP
    • Rupay Card Solution
    • Cheque Truncation Solution
    • Central Mandate Management System
    • Payment Tracking Solution
    • Mobile Payment Solution
    • EFT & ATM Switch Solution
  • Solutions for Financial Inclusions

    Solutions For Financial Inclusions

    Zenith Software’s Financial Inclusion solutions are intended to give every end-user a seamless banking experience, and targeted towards making banking available to all. We use the latest research and develop solutions to raise constantly changing end-user concerns.
    Some highlights of our solutions include:
    • Supporting both Contact and Contactless Smart Cards.
    • Third Party CBS Integration
    • Comprehensive Card Management & Personalization Software
    • IDRBT standard compliant Hand Held Device and Smart Card for Bio Metric authentication of Both BC & Customer Tracking terminal transactions BC
    • Customer and Terminal Maintenance of Card Issue
    • History and hot listing details of BC parameters in handheld device transaction control
    • Fast Track Account Opening capabilities in CBS
    • Open architecture for new scheme introductions
    • Financial Switch Transaction Upload to CBS
    • Transaction upload options through GPRS, GSM, CDMA and PSTN
  • Solutions for Delivery Channels

    Solutions for Delivery Channels

    Zenith Software offers comprehensive and integrated platform delivery channels to seamlessly merge core banking with banking laterals, enabling anywhere and everywhere banking which enhances customer experience.
    These include;
    • Internet Banking- A convenient way of monitoring, transacting and controlling your bank account and accessing banking functions online, ZSL’s net banking service offers you a one-stop solution for all your banking needs, right from the comfort of your home.
    • Mobile Banking- Simplifying the banking process while making it easy and convenient, ZSL’s mobile banking services can be accessed on almost all types of handsets, helping you carry out simple and complex banking transactions including transferring funds and paying bills, securely from anywhere.
    • Kiosk Banking- ZSL’s banking kiosks are breakthrough solutions in delivering mainstream financial services to the masses. Using biometrically secure PC based technology, they handle customer’s end-to-end financial requirements, including account opening and online transactions.
    • Digital Banking- ZSL’s Digital solutions for financial services utilize software technology suites to address a consumer’s end-to-end banking requirements including account processing, transactions and document storage. They add value to transactions while enhancing customer experience.
  • AML & KYC Solutions

    AML & KYC Solutions

    Zenith Software’s AML solutions have been conceptualized to address certain key banking roadblocks. iAML, the comprehensive, real time AML monitoring and surveillance solution for BFSI, Telecom and the GAMING industry, streamlines monitoring and reporting functions and has certain key modules which include:
    • KYC- enabling institutions to meet ‘Know Your Customer’ (KYC) requirements and pro‐actively protect themselves from risk of fraud and money‐laundering activities.
    • Transaction Monitoring - Comprehensive monitoring of financial transactions with collaborative analytics, for:
      • STR (Suspicious Transaction Monitoring and reporting including white list report)
      • CTR (Cash Transaction Monitoring and reporting including white list report and Monthly CTR report as per FIU format)
      • NTR (Non-Profit Organization Report)
      • CCR (Counterfeit Currency Report)
    • UCIC (Unique Customer Identification Code)
    Our iAML solutions, offers the following features:
    • Online real time monitoring & surveillance solution
    • Rule based surveillance engine for monitoring current transactional data, non-transactional data (KYC), and historical data for suspicious trading patterns.
    • Equipped with an extensive library of analytical foundation and detection models for bank to be compliant with required 61 IBA alerts
    • Transaction monitoring of Politically Active Persons (PEP), Non-Cooperative Countries or Territories (NCCT) and FATF blacklist countries
    • Alerts and Case Management
    • Capability of future portfolio generation, as prescribed by IBA/RBI
    • Capability of designing mechanisms for alert distribution across different user channels, screening officers at AML cell, including cross-channel locations (branches/ HO)
    • Capability of hierarchy chain for alert escalation as per banking requirements
    • Capability of multiple CIFs identification for single end-user based on individual parameters like DOB, PAN, Aadhar Card and Driving License.
    • CBS Integration
    • Data Cleansing, Data Standardization, Data Profiling
    • Capability of cross-checking and verification of Existing Customers, New Customers and Walk-in Customers, against existing negative lists prescribed by concerned Regulatory Authorities (UN, OFAC etc.)
    • Capability of providing STR case in FIU-IND file format for site upload
    • STR - Suspicious transaction monitoring and reporting, with white list report
    • CTR - Cash transaction monitoring and reporting, with white list report and
    • Monthly CTR report as per FIU format
    • NTR - Non-Profit Organization Report)
    • CCR - Counterfeit Currency Report
  • ADF Solutions

    ADF Solutions

    Zenith Software’s ADF solutions, facilitates the efficient streamlining of reporting processes in accordance with RBI’s reporting guidelines. This easy to use automated solution developed by ZSL, goes beyond data collation and reporting, adopting data standardisation at a global level, formatted in accordance with globally defined standards (XBRL 2.1 specification). XBRL data can be seamlessly exchanged across platforms and geographies, in accordance with RBI’s ‘zero touch’ approach.
    Our ADF solutions have the following key features:
    • Setting up of Central Data Repository (CDR).
    • Data Cleansing & Data Validation mechanism
    • Automated Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) process for real-time data availability used in reporting.
    • Data Security and Data Governance features
    • Study of Internal MIS requirements with its use with Business - Intelligence (BI), including a 360 degree customer view
    • Balance Sheet, Profit & Loss Consolidation
    • Removing unstructured data from the reporting system
    • Managing Common Data definition across the bank’s heterogeneous sources – Metadata creation, including establishment of an MDM-like framework
    • Resolution for data quality issues
    • Implementation of common data definition for the bank
    • Specific ADF capture tailored towards individual bank based on requirement
    • Interface use for Taxonomy Mappings
    • XBRL integration and Metadata Management
    • Comprehensive review of data source systems
    • Data Profiling – Source to target mapping, Gap Matrix
    • Design and development of automation process to address data gaps
    • Data Modelling for CDS
    • Common requirements by subject areas
    • Grouping and mappings – A data mart approach
  • TAB Banking

    TAB Banking

    Zenith Software understands the need for increased banking digitization, enhancing customization, and developing product offerings that address the changing needs of the consumer. Banc724 is our digital banking product, built under our Tab Banking digital solution which is designed keeping in mind end-user requirements; providing better service to bank customers, reduce operational costs and provide seamless consumer use. It will also help banks achieve Financial Inclusion. The Tab Banking solution is integrated with the bank’s CBS and handles end-to-end operations, from lead management to client on-boarding process while reducing turnaround time and increasing staff productivity.
  • HO Automation

    HO Automation

    • HRMS
      Zenith Software’s HRMS addresses the need of providing end-to-end solutions that cover the entire Human Resource Management cycle, from recruitment to retirement. These are integrated with digital and delivery channels to meet customer’s business needs while streamlining the entire process and facilitating smooth transition.
      The iHRMS from ZSL is designed on a Modular versatile framework that can be easily adapted to the HR functions of any organisation.
    • Reconciliation
      Zenith Software’s Reconciliation Solution, Zen–Recons was developed to address banking operational requirements such as Transaction Matching, Account Reconciliation, Exceptional /Case Management, Account Certification, Performance Management and Operational Efficiency.
      The key features of Zen-Recons include:
      • Facility that employs configurable rules for accurate and comprehensive check of large quantities of financial data accuracy against anticipated results
      • Quick and effective risk management and compliance controls through full account automation and balance sheet reconciliation processes.
      • Carefully audited, workflow-driven case management environment that ensures consistent and timely exceptions identification with best practices consistency
      • Fully automated and audited, review and approval process for balance sheet substantiation and general ledger attestation
      • Performance Management and Reporting: Ability to capture and monitor key performance, risk and control metrics over time.
      • Dynamic reporting capabilities for displaying and distributing point-in-time financial data
      • Auto-reconciliation of General Ledger and Bank Statements
      • Manual Cash to Bank Reconciliation for unmatched items
      • Statement-only functionality, allowing for automatic journal generation of Cashbooks for bank charges, interest, etc.
      • Bank Reconciliation performed periodically (daily, weekly or monthly)
      • Un-presented cheques and un-presented lodgements that enable unreconciled items to be rolled-over at period end into future reconciliations
      • Search and sort functionality in reconciling data from banking or cash
      • Matched transactions that can be reviewed and reversed should incorrect references be chosen
      • Option for Reconciliations to be created for multiple banks, companies and environments.
      • Unreconciled products that can be totalled with different displayed reports for audit purposes
      • Display of Audit trail for date, time and journal actions
      • Single Excel exports created from multiple screens of configurable data
      • Multi-currency, multi-site solution with deploy options on multiple environments and CBS systems.
      • Single platform solution for Bank Reconciliation, Credit Card Reconciliation, Gift Card Reconciliation, ATM Transactions and Cash Reconciliation


Our dedicated banking solutions team of over a 100 members, comprising ex-bankers, domain and technology experts provide functional and technical knowledge and expertise in implementing and supporting various banking systems. ZSL’s credentials include CBS implementation in 20,000+ branches of more than 100 banking institutions.

ZSL’s Banking IT services addresses the areas of:

  • CBS Implementation and Rollout Services
  • Data Management Services
  • Testing and Verification
  • Data Warehousing
  • Banking Regulatory/Reporting
  • Governance Risk and Compliance
  • Data Warehousing and MIS
  • Business Intelligence
  • BPO Services
  • System Integration and Infrastructure Management Services