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Enterprise Business Intelligence

A next generation core banking solution should provide not only transactions processing support but also integrated business intelligence for faster and smarter business decision making.

Banc724 Core Banking has a Knowledge Manager module that provides an enterprise OLAP data-warehousing framework designed to meet your bank's enterprise data analysis and knowledge management needs. It provides a comprehensive database schema that captures and consolidates operational data from across all Banc 724 Core Banking modules or other third party systems for business analysis.

The Knowledge Manager module is fully integrated with all Banc724 Core Banking modules. It also supports integration with other third party data sources. Periodically, data from the different modules in the Banc724 Core Banking database or other databases are extracted and loaded into the Knowledge Manager database.

Subsequently the data is transformed and loaded into dimension and fact tables. The end user's OLAP tool then provides analysis capability based on a variety of existing or user-defined core reports. This gives you greater ability to understand all aspects of your business from different dimensions.


Business Data Marts & Templates

The data store schema, with its suite of subject area data marts, supports enterprise level analysis of your bank and customers. Based on user-defined rules and parameters, your non-technical users can perform multidimensional drilldown and analysis of collected data to gather intelligence that will support your business and strategy.

Financial data from source systems are stored in time series into data marts which allows you to custom run pre-defined reports or create ad-hoc multi-dimensional analyses. The data marts are pre-built around the topics of:

» Liquidity
» Profitability
» Credit Portfolio
» General Ledger