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Human Resource Management is one of the core functionalities for the smooth functioning of an organisation. With every individual being an asset and lending their own inputs to the organisation, HRMS is all about management of these assets using technology, according to a set of policies and principles. Running a professionally healthy organisation, depends on a transparent scientific HRMS which aids in talent retention. Besides this, it also helps in:

  • Reducing Employee Attrition
  • Increasing Retention
  • Aligning HR with Business Strategy
  • Balancing the organisation’s practices within a set of regulations as per government laws

Zenith Software's iHRMS product is a tailored integration solution, that brings together the company’s HR modules on a single platform. The Modular versatile premise helps meet customer's end-to-end business needs, while being reliable, secure and easy to use. The iHRMS from ZSL is designed to be easily adapted to the HR functions of any organisation.

iHRMS is our end-to-end HR product to address the complex needs of businesses, providing end-to-end solutions that cover the entire HRM cycle, from recruitment to retirement. It is integrated with digital and delivery channels to meet customer’s business needs while streamlining the entire process and facilitating smooth transition.


Key Features that can be a value-add for your business
  • iHRMS is an online web-based, user friendly integrated software solution with a central secure database
  • The product is a modular Cloud and Premise based offering, or can be offered as a Managed Service
  • It is real-time, custom-made software that can be adapted to your business needs, heping you manage people assets as per your company’s corporate standards.
  • It can be accessed anywhere and at anytime
  • iHRMS provides quick and flexible Payroll Processing, with robust capabilities that can be expanded as needs evolve.
  • It provides real-time functioning and integration with attendance machines.
  • It incorporates additional features of Online Tax Declaration with Integrated TDS Module.
  • It also facilitates Online Leave Applications.
  • Employees can put in Travel Requests and avail Online Reimbursement.
  • The product offers optimal security for management of HR functions, with role based access control.
  • iHRMS has an In-built data analysis tool, that supports policy decision making and comprehensive data reporting and consolidation.
Core modules in iHRMS product
  • iRECRUIT- A comprehensive solution for streamlining of the recruitment process
  • iOnboarding – A collaborative multiple level on-boarding solution with integrated DMS
  • iKMS- An integrated web based Knowledge Management Solution for the induction, training and employee development
  • iSelfService- An employee enablement solution for managing information anywhere and anytime.
  • iTalent- A workflow based solution for overall management of Employee Engagement, Leaves, Compensation, Roles and Responsibility, Task Allocation and HR administration.
  • iAppraisal –A comprehensive solution for KPI/KRA setup and management including announcement of appraisal.
  • iPayroll- A Comprehensive Payroll Processing Solution with integrated TDS module
  • iTime-An integrated and effective management solution for maintenance of employee attendance and efforts.
  • HR-BI- An in-built tool for detailed HR Program Analysis and Workforce Performance Management for decision making capabilities.