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Digital Insurance Solutions are transforming lives, and Zenith Software is at the forefront of that transformation, developing products that fulfil customer's needs, facilitating compliance and bringing our expertise in technological solutions and the Insurance domain on a single platform.

The Insurance Industry is not the uni-dimensional service provider it was a decade ago. The industry has grown exponentially, witnessed increased convergence and consolidation and undergone transformation in products and services becoming increasingly commoditized.


ZSL Offerings

At Zenith Software, we use our industry and expertise in technology and consulting to create path-breaking and next generation insurance products and services that take care of end-user needs while helping businesses in three ways - enhance operational efficiency, spur business transformation and kick-start innovation. Our IT solutions for the insurance industry span across Product Development, Migration and Re-engineering, and Systems Integration.


Our IT solutions for the insurance industry span across Product Development, Migration and Re-engineering and Systems Integration. Our consultants have decades of experience in Life and Risk Insurance sectors. We have partnered with leading insurance technology providers in the UK and USA to deliver services to their customers.

Life Insurance

  • Partner, Product,
  • Contract Management
  • Quotations, Premiums
  • Distribution Network
  • Claim Management
  • Commission Management


  • Underwriting
  • Claim Management
  • Premium Management
  • Commission Management

Casualty and Property Insurance

  • Underwriting
  • Policy Management: Rate,
  • Quote, Quote Comparison
  • Policy Generation
  • Document Generation
  • Claim Management

Business benefits

» Streamlined processes leading to greater efficiency
» Improved turnaround and settlement time leading to better customer satisfaction
» Improved productivity and speed-to-market
» Reducing Operating Costs
» Increased profitability


ZSL provides BPO services for the Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Re-Insurance, Property & Casualty domains within the insurance industry. We have built expertise on customer-centric processes of leading global Insurance brands.

Service Offerings and Service Details

New Business

  • Application Data entry and validation
  • Reviewing of Applications
  • Inbound/outbound calling
  • Case Management
  • Document Handling
  • Policy Issuance/Cancellation

Claims Processing & Administration

  • Data capture and validation
  • Fax/email processing
  • Escalations
  • Document Handling
  • Outbound status call

Policy Administration & Servicing

  • Amendments handling
  • Renewals handling
  • Complaints handling
  • Accounting and Reconciliation
  • Premium administration
  • Document Handling
  • Surrender
  • Reinstatements