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STERNA Tours offers online reservation and booking engine solutions for every tour operation type whether be it sightseeing, adventures, religious, leisure getaways etc. STERNA can manage every activity. STERNA will help you manage both simple tours and / or complex multi destination packages. STERNA is designed to integrate into either your existing or a new web site and allows your visitors to enjoy the convenience of a one-stop availability check / request for booking / make an online booking.

The Sterna Tours software has essentially two modules. The back office application for configuration of tours and it's allied information and the customer facing application that facilitates searching and booking of a tour. The back office application has role base entitlements for usage of various functionalities


The application provides the following functionalities:

» Configure tours using a back office application.
» Configure all allied information such as supplier, currency, city country, etc. using the back office application.
» Configure day wise tour itinerary and associated multiple activities.
» Configure rates according to seasons and also based on PAX count slabs.
» Verification process to check tour information and move the tour on-line.
» Search for booking on-line using the customer facing web applications.
» Customer can book a tour using the web enabled booking engine.
» Customer can pay for the booking on-line by credit card.
» Customer can cancel booking on-line.