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ZELCIA ("Zenith’s Education, Log book and Critical Incident Recorder for Anesthesiologists") is specifically designed for Anesthesiologists, this app helps in creating and recording logs, knowledge through critical incidents and Anesthesiologists can share interesting scientific articles that.

Zenith Software Ltd has developed this App in association with ISA (Indian Society of Anesthesiologists), which features an intuitive interface, superior navigation tools, and a clean design built into every reference.

“ZELCIA is India first mobile app to capture the critical incidents related to Anesthesiology”

ZELCIA – Modules

ZELCIA is designed with 4 modules, which can be useful for Anesthesiologists for their day to day needs.

  1. Log Book
    The Log Book Module helps to create patient logs, view the logs and generate and view reports
  2. Articles
    In this module they can publish articles and share them within the group.
  3. Critical Incidents
    In this module helps Anesthesiologists can add and view critical incidents.
  4. Ask the Expert
    In this Module, questions can be asked to an panel of well known experts.
Technical Details

The app is built for Android 6.0 (marshmallow). It uses GPS, Wifi, Network, Camera, Storage API's and is backward compatible till Android kit Kat.

ZELCIA - Advantages
  • Personalized smart app for Anesthesiologists
  • Easy to use and fast navigation
  • Rich Features
  • Mobile Learning and Knowledge sharing tool
  • On the Fly report generation
  • Ask the Expert
  • Highly Secure platform
Download the App

Click Here to download the app from Google Play store