STERNA – Travel Suite

STERNA - Travel Suite

One stop travel solutions for all your needs
The travel industry is very dynamic and constantly evolving. There is no “one-size fits all” solution. Service providers are constantly innovating to ensure better service to the consumer while keeping costs low and increased profitability.

The STERNA suite of products offers online travel companies a customizable and flexible platform which helps them connect online with their consumers and 3rd party providers.

With a ready-to-use booking engine, getting into the market is very easy and is operated from day one. It can be even customized as per your business needs and goals within weeks. A complete multi-device booking experience which is compatible with desktops, tablets and mobile devices ensuring the customers are served on every platform, operating system and browser. A comprehensive travel framework which constitutes customizable user experience, GDS integration, catering to B2B and B2C models, mid-office and back-office automation and importantly available as in-house, private or public cloud deployment models.

It is a robust many-to-many platform that helps companies provide a dynamic packaged solution to the consumer. With the STERNA suite of products you will be able to:


There are many low-cost off-the-shelf travel solutions which do not provide you exactly what you want, there are 100% customizable solutions which require huge up-front investments with no guarantee on ROI or delayed ROI. However, the need of the hour for the travel service providers is a solution that is flexible, customizable to their changing needs, low cost of investment, quicker returns, scalable to your demands. The STERNA Suite offers you such a solution.

  • A framework that is customizable as your needs keep growing and changing
  • Modular solution which means you can add modules as and when your business grows
  • One-to-many integration which enables you to rapidly expand your business and provide better options to the consumer
  • Better manage your bookings through the mid-office application Maintain your own back office system
  • Accurate and customizable booking which helps you monitor and grow your business based on market trend

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