Envision tomorrow’s bank with innovation in digital Banking and agile global regulatory framework
The Banking landscape is getting progressively complex with an increased consumer-centric approach and there is a need to streamline every process to meet the ever demanding and changing scenario. With the Banking industry growing exponentially, it has warranted the need for stricter regulations, without any compromise on quality. Keeping up with increased expectations, while devising new and breakthrough products and solutions, will ensure that financial institutions are poised for the various challenges that may arise.

Zenith Software leads industry innovation in conceptualizing products and devising solutions to simplify the entire process. The comprehensive and concise products that we create, offer personalization at affordable costs, bringing together our expertise in technology and financial expertise for the benefit of consumers. Our end to end banking platforms enables banks to offer digital banking experience, faster product rollout, customized product offerings and innovative ways to access banking functionalities on the move. Our dedicated banking solution team combines industry best practices and methodologies, to deliver cutting edge solutions in Retail Banking, Corporate Banking, Digital Banking, Compliance and Risk Management.

Zenith Software rides the growth curve by developing smart information systems and acting on new information and insights in the banking space. Our banking solutions coupled with the latest technological advancements can give consumers a better experience, increase retention, streamline operations, conceptualize new revenue streams and adhere to regulatory requirements.

Our product suite Banc 724 provides various solutions as given below

  1. 1Next Generation Core Banking Solution
  2. 2Financial Inclusion
  3. 3PACS Solution
  4. 4SMS Banking Solution
  5. 5Internet Banking Solution
  6. 6Mobile Banking Solution
  7. 7Door Step Banking Solution
  1. 8Cheque Truncation Solution
  2. 9eKYC & cKYC
  3. 10Personalised Cheque Printing Solution
  4. 11Interface to Payment Gateways
  5. 12Effective MIS Reports

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